FCM Elite revalves for Spec Miata

Ready to lower lap times in style? We have the magic recipe. Read testimonials from Joe S. and John S. both of whom have our latest FCM-SM-MAX revalve. They are faster and also enjoy a smoother race car. Watch our Spec Miata videos to learn more.
Our SM revalves are designed to meet the current 2018 NASA and SCCA rules. However, we encourage you to have your dampers by an independent shop to ensure compliance.

Spec Miata Q&A


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Q1 - Aren't the shocks good enough as-is?

Definitely not. The Spec Miata Bilsteins were designed for smoother circuits than actually exist in the real world. Our SM customers strongly indicate YES, Elite tuning makes you faster! If you watch our 'How Shocks Work' series for Spec Miata, you'll see where improvements can be made. Even brand-new shocks have large variations in rebound force, something only a shock dynamometer will reveal.

Q2 - What's are the benefits?

Expect lower lap times by 'a second plus'. You'll bottom out less, handle rougher tracks much better, keep the car on the racing line more easily, and have more grip (especially in wet or dirty conditions). Imagine that - a faster AND more comfortable race car: win-win! Run your setup the same way as before. You can have us change the shock oil every couple years of racing.

Q3 - Is this legal for ABCD racing?

Yes, our work remains legal for NASA Spec Miata racing. As of 2018, the all-knowing, all-wise SCCA SMAC indicated that shocks cannot be modified, so our work is not legal for SCCA Spec Miata racing. Apparently $9,000 'pro built' motors make complete sense but it's bad for the class to keep a shock spec that's existed for years (until we made some videos). We feel sorry for you SCCA SM racers!

Q4 - How long to rebuild and how much?

FCM-SM-MAX valving is $450 per corner. Our Ripple Reducer feature ($125 per corner) is automatically included to optimize the setup. Yes, you need it. We're usually able to complete a build in 7-10 business days non-expedited, or 3 days expedited (30% extra). We prefer that you supply us the 90-97 Miata Bilsteins. Send your dampers to the address indicated below.

Purchase FCM-SM-MAX Spec Miata revalve

You can choose new shocks from us with the FCM-SM-MAX optimization or sending us your shocks (use the address below). We recommend using FedEx or UPS (a solid tracking system). Our fees are $325 per damper for Elite Spec Miata SM-MAX revalve and $125 per damper for Ripple Reducer modification, not including price of the damper of if you supply yourself. Additional charges apply for replacement rod guides, main pistons, or separator pistons. New o-rings and seals are included. We WILL NOT replace the lower shock bushing.

FCM Elite Spec Miata optimization

Additional information

No dyno tests will be performed unless part of the FCM-SM-MAX shock service. A PNG file with your dyno results will be emailed to you. Lead times on new or used shock rebuilds can vary so check with us first. Expedite is available for an additional surcharge. If any additional parts are recommended to finish your rebuild, we will let you know and invoice you for any added cost. All shipments are returned via FedEx Ground (insured) unless an expedited method is requested/paid-for.

NOTE: Order FCM Spec Miata shock mount kits through 5X Racing or Mazdaspeed Motorsports. If you need spare shock mount or bump stop components, order ONLY through 5X Racing (spares not available through FCM or Mazdaspeed). Download installation notes here (current version Oct 2014),

Ship your shocks to us at:

Fat Cat Motorsports, Inc.
639 Bair Island Rd #109A
Redwood City, CA 94063

Got a question about your Spec Miata Bilstein revalve?

Submit an Elite Inquiry form or ring the shop. We typically respond within 48 hours. To request a shop visit or demo ride, please contact us first.