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David J in Australia, 1999 Miata - Shaikh Jalal - 10-23-2013

"Hi Shaikh

I cleared, picked up and installed the shocks this afternoon.

I have also been for a 100 km drive!!!

Wow !!! The car is everything you said it would be. I had both wet and dry conditions and it performed amazingly and thats without tweaking the ride heights and alignment.

I'll be getting an alignment tomorrow as I have a track day at Wakefield Park the following day (Thursday). Should be fun.

I'm planning on setting ride heights at pinch welds F/R 125/131mm.

Your advice on a street/track alignment would be appreciated as well as comments on the ride height. (I have to drive 250km to track).

and thanks once again.


Shaikh's note: David intends to use his 500 / 400 spring rate setup for multi-purpose street, backroad and track driving. His son will also be tracking the car so he wanted something friendly for a beginner but with room to grow. We used soft bump stop front and rear to allow him to add packers if / as needed to change the handling balance. Maximum bump absorption was needed without sacrificing handling. Our FCM Elite 2040 GT setup did the trick, with frequencies in the ~1.8-2.0 Hz range. What you'd find on a well-tuned sportscar or sport sedan.