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Add your potential new vehicles / project here
Let us know what you're dreaming up that needs some suspension help.
(10-14-2013, 02:44 AM)Shaikh Wrote: Let us know what you're dreaming up that needs some suspension help.

So I recently did a silly thing and bought a Royal Enfield motorcycle. Is there any chance of setting up a pair of bilstiens and springs to replace the OE junk for the rear suspension? I have a strong suspicion that FCM can do a dramatically better job of building consistent, quality dampers than the cheapest no-name bidder that supplied the OE parts.
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Congrats, Spence! Hmmm intriguing! Makes me miss my old Kawi 500. We've got some pretty short Bilstein Miata bodies here from an earlier project, and can fabricate various attachments. If you can send pictures/dimensions of overall length, mounting style, etc. I'll see what might work.
How has that Royal Enfield been serving you all this time Spencer? Great bike.
Hey Spencer, finally responding to your very old question - I / we would be delighted to look into your Royal Enfield if that's still on your plate.

I have two projects that I've been thinking about working with FCM on for a while.

The first is my daily driver, an '05 WRX STI. The suspension on it now is pretty much dead and I need to find a replacement. This is a slightly over stock power car that should have good ride and tons of grip over the worst of roads.

The second is my weekend back roads/HPDE BRZ. The car has some Tein Street Mono's on it, and while they feel responsive and work well on very nice roads, they have less than ideal ride quality, and they really struggle with any kind of upsets. Seems like the car wants to launch over even small undulations. Even when adjusting the dampers to softer settings, it's just a constant battle to keep the tires in contact with the road surface, and since the car has 400-500hp depending on the fuel in the tank, things get challenging in a hurry.

I have a severe lack of ride harmony in my life. Any experience with these platforms?
Thanks for the question, and I believe we can definitely add some harmony to your rides! I've worked on a few WRX STi's - an '08, '11, and '15 IIRC, plus a few earlier WRXs around the same year as your STi. I also did one FCM Elite Project on an FR-S that used Bilstein PSS coilovers.

For the WRX STi, could use some Bilstein dampers from GT WORX, or an H&R Street Performance coilover depending on if you want new springs & height adjustment, or are fine keeping the OE springs and getting some quality replacement dampers.

Sounds like you've got a pretty strong turbo on your BRZ? On the Teins, there's may be a lack of Flat Ride although they often do pick springs that give Flat Ride. Quite like in the Street Mono (monotube?) there may be excessive gas pressure causing that initial harshness which you can't dial out with the damping adjuster. If there's too much mid/high-speed rebound damping then you'd be getting jacking down on bigger hits. May be a combination of issues.

My Suspension Truth video on the FCM Elite Stage 3 Ripple Reducer and KBO) FR-S project is here, in case you haven't seen it:

For now, we can continue a chat here but then it'd be good if you want to open two new threads in the Subaru section: one for your STI, the other for your BRZ.

The car currently has some unknown aftermarket coilovers on it (I suspct more tein because of the green), so I'd be looking for both dampers and springs. Height adjustment is not too important to me unless we want it for a performance reason. We can be lower than stock if necessary, but I would like to stop dips in the road from trying to remove my front bumper.

Turbo is a Borg Warner 7163 twin scroll. That turbo combined with pretty high compression keeps the car responsive enough for it to still be fun in the turns. These Tein dampers are monotube with 8kg/mm in the front and 9kg/mm in the rear. I should also mention that if i go too heavy on the breaks the car can be quite darty.

I've seen that video, but I'll watch it again for a refresher!

I have the BRZ motor out for a freshen up, but once that's done, I was planning on loading up your web based app and taking some data. Maybe I can send you these Tein Monotubes if running them on your shock dyno would be of interest to you.

Another note on the BRZ is that we'll need to use some springs with a smaller OD/spring perch than factory. Wider tires (255-R17 Rival S 1.5) claimed some of that real estate.

As we move along, I'll certainly make a thread about each car to track our progress and share our learning with the community here.


Shaikh, I am curious to see if you have ever worked on any torsion bar Hondas. 84-87 Civic/CRX and 86-89 Integra.

The car I have is a 87 Integra. It is going to be my dedicated autocross car. I know the Bilstein struts for these cars are discontinued. The rears are just an eye/pin mount and I assume something out of the catalog could fit. I know some have used the Integra Type R rears as a replacement. But the fronts are a inverted strut in a housing with the bump stop at the bottom. The bottom of the housing slips inside the knuckle so it would have to be reused.

I bought these used from the original owner. He said he bought them in the 80's and used them on his CRX. I purchased them with the intention of trying to get Bilstein to revalve them but then found out about your operation. I have them installed right now but haven't got to try them at an autocross yet.

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Not a suspension request per see, but it might be a good idea to add Honda/Acura thread to the Your Elite Suspension Builds and FCM Elite Case Studies section.

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