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Adding Keeper/Tender Springs to an FCM Setup
Hello all,

Figured I'd put this up here so others can benefit from any info it generates.

On the underside of the world where I live (New Zealand), we have a rather pedantic set of laws when it comes to car modification. Long story short; I may need to have Keeper/Tender springs to keep the springs in my FCM Elite setup captive and legal (I will need to do a bit more reading on this whether it is checked at full suspension droop or if it's with the car's weight on the tyres). The car is a '91 Miata.

Aside from reducing the overall spring rate (if the tender springs aren't bound), what can I expect from adding them to my setup?
What would be an advisable keeper/tender spring rate? Or is it best to get some zero rate springs made that will bind under the weight of the car and be used to simply keep the main springs from becoming uncaptive during full droop?

Another question is what material is recommended for the coupler between the main and keeper springs? The KW shocks used in the V8SuperTourer series here simply use plastic ones; I was thinking getting some delrin turned for the application. Thoughts?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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