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Fall 2018 project log and musings
I'm putting this out as a reminder to myself that I need to finish configuring and testing the AiM Solo2DL and SmartyCam GP with OBD2 sync. It's been staring at me in a 90% completed state for a few weeks as I've dug into Decoding Suspensions and realized I need to re-activate this forum and be much more engaged with it.

I've got an autocross scheduled for 9/22 at Marina Airport with Golden Gate Lotus Club, which is a great group to run with if you haven't yet. I think there still may be spots available. Typically you get 5-7 runs in the morning and another set of the same in the afternoon.

Then on 10/20, another Marina autocross - this time with Golden Gate BMW CCA. It's the last event of the season and I've only made it to one. Not sure if I'd qualify for the Top Driver Shoot-Out due to my low attendance, but I've had a great time and was just a few tenths out of 1st last time! I still have to edit and release the videos from that autocross.

So, I'll give myself some friendly butt-kicking to:

-set up and test the Solo2DL
-wash the car!


Upcoming goals are:

-finish modifying the new E46 M3 front fenders to fit Christina's E46 330i bodywork
-make decals or plug / fill the holes in the fenders so the car looks 'cleaner'
-get the fenders painted so the car looks less like a franken-project
-scope out a lighter driver's seat

Will check it out.

Keep it on Shaikh.
Wonder if you ll put or already installed the FCM Bump Steer kit on the Bimmer, seen it in the Morgan thread as well as in the TalkMorgan forum. ( I don t have any Morgan cars, but I would like one).

Edit: here s the link:
There are intersting cars is what I meant above.
The Morgan 3 Wheeler had hideous bump steer and absolutely needed a correction to be safe.

I haven't found bump steer to be an issue with Christina at the current ride heights, which are already quite low. When lower than I am the roll centers clearly are too far from the center of gravity and the suspension's response is very sluggish.

I may investigate bump steer on her at some point, but it won't need to be nearly as dramatic as the Morgan's was!
You bet , these M4W are/were terrible for what I could read. Guess you ll check these out on some free time in the future. Will check these out for sure.
M3W that I meant, can t edit the post.

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