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Updated M3W bump steer kit
Added some protective coatings and a retaining washer to provide a fail-safe for our bump steer kit for the Morgan 3 Wheeler. The spherical rod-ends aren't shown (already installed). Looking forward to having our first two Trikes in for this 'final answer!'

The kit does wonders on our 3 wheeler. It went from homicidal bump steer on smooth highway to pleasantly predictable over rough road. Great job!
94C, FCM 375/275, RC5+, FM BBK, ES, R1Rs, FM depower, Butterfly, FM FSB, ReRoute, Koyo 37, MP62
Life is too short to settle for understeer-Ted
Appreciate that! I recall the before like a happily-forgotten nightmare at this point. How you guys managed for so long amazes me...! And that there are many cars still dealing with it. Can you post this picture in the TalkMorgan forum so they can see the 'concern' (regarding having a fail-safe in case the bearing falls out) brought up by Aero Racing is now addressed and the FCM bump steer solution is sound?

We still need to put the retaining washer on your setup and eventually plate the other components. I told your Dad that we'll finalize the rear damping at that time (or add KBO which will really be the cat's mrrrow).

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