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Driving instructional videos
Let's use this thread to add helpful driving videos, whether it's for autocross, track, hill climb, etc.

I just came across this very informative comparison between two drivers on the same course, with data acquisition and video both showing the driving line. I'd highly recommend this series! Jeremy's channel, 'EvolutionAutocrosser' is here.

Thx for sharing, the comparisions are interesting , will have to look at them more to assimilate these.
You're welcome. I particularly like the second video pointing out ways to practice keeping your wheels right next to a cone (via driving alongside the Bots dots on a highway). I can certainly use that as more practice so I get better at staying close to and back-siding the cones in a slalom.
Can be of some help :

Edit, Can t get he vid to work on site as stated by Shaikh in another thread.

Edit2: Oddly enough I don t have your lower section bellow the Smilies on my version or so. It s why I can t get the YT vids to be seen in the forum itself.

(Mod edit 10/12/18: embedded the video)
Let me see if there's a configuration I need to enable in the control panel.

EDIT: from what I can tell, the video feature is enabled for all registered users. You might need to check if it's on in your User CP (Control Panel), at top left of the page. Let me know if you still have issues and I can look into it further.

You can paste the Youtube URL between




For example '[video=youtube]Video-goes-here![/video]'

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