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WRX build with H&R coilover - tuning for undulating roads
Hi Shaikh

I was watching this:

It mentions the possibility of follow up video, containing further info. If not a video, what specs did you settle on, for his roads?

For the above application, you had improved results with reduced low speed compression damping, after initial testing. What rebound/compression ratios did you use?

What mph do you use to calculate flat ride? Did you change the mph used, given the above road types.

Hey Mark,

I haven't connected with this customer although he's good about letting me know if there's an issue, so sometimes no news is good news.

The car isn't jacking down up to ~15 in/sec, I'll tell you that much ...

Flat Ride is usually set based on the customer's nominal driving speed. In his case, he's doing a lot of mountain driving / commuting so under 60 mph. I don't follow a strict protocol as the Flat Ride speed suggests, it's often a compromise with keeping rear ride frequency low enough to not worsen ride while also having it high-enough above the front to get the fast settling we're looking for.

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