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Homemade Damper Dyno
After a year of building, testing, and designing in what little free time I can scrounge, I have successfully built a working homemade damper dyno. To embark on its maiden voyage, I used it to test one of my spec miata dampers. Then I compared my graph to what I saw on Shaikh's video and came up with a comparison graph shown below. The blue line is my shock dyno and the red line is my best guesstimation of Shaikh's spec miata curve. I flipped his curve because my shock dyno's load cell is negative in extension. Anyway, I was thrilled to see the curves aren't too far apart. I will show my setup later when I tidy it up. It is a quickly put together heap of scrap metal that doesn't hold a candle to a Roehrig, but it will do a rough approximation hopefully good enough for my application (autocross). It also doesn't have enough power to get past 4 inches per second LOL.

[Image: 6nah4JM.jpg]
Now, I am still trying to make sense of the data and adjusting my software to clean up the data.This is a force-velocity graph where I took the absolute value of the velocity. I am not sure if I have some really bad hysteresis or what, but this is occurring when the damper is in extension. The compression part of the graph isn't too awful. Also, I don't know how Roehrig gets super pretty graphs. Are they averaging multiple force data points for a particular velocity so they can produce a very pretty graph? I'm not sure but here is a couple of cycles of my damper and the ugly graph that results:

[Image: ycwSmPp.jpg]

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