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Michael R's 99 C-Street Elite retune
Michael sent us his 99 Hard S Bilsteins for a retune. Other than the wonderful efferverscent aroma of used shock oil (!!!) we turned his shocks around in under a week! He just sent me some feedback today which I'm of course compelled to post:

"Hi Shaikh,

Had the chance to try out the new setup and it feels great! The only problem I was having was the car would push in slow turn arounds, and was a little soft in the slaloms but manageable. Unfortunately I forgot to bring the bump stop packers. Now would adding them to the rear alleviate that push in slow corners? {Shaikh: yes, it would. Crucial to always have packers on hand!}

SetupSadremoved to protect his secrets!)

Other than the slow sections of the course the car felt and handled exceptionally well! Came in 3rd out of 34 cars in class running a C-stock index. Can't wait to dial the car in for next year!

Thank you,


We'll continue working with him (yes, packers do work wonders!) to make his setup even better.

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