Technical information for Fat Cat Motorsports (FCM) Miata shock mounts

FCM NB-based shock mount kit with new MCU bushings
Nothing else on the market does everything this mount can!

FCM custom riser for NB mounts
Add our custom 'risers' (available through 5X Racing) if using an aftermarket lowering spring or you don't want any drop when re-using your stock springs.

Purchase FCM shock mount kits from our distributor 5X Racing
Our bushings are made of a high-density MCU, (micro-cellular polyurethane), exclusive to luxury vehicles. They reduce NVH and create a more supple ride while the shock mount (customized from the 99-05 Miata design) improves steering response and predictability PLUS increases lateral grip.

Not all MCU is alike and ours is TODI, the highest quality available. Because MCU is carefully formed to create rigid closed air cells and has a long curing period, the material develops a property called a 'region of zero stiffness.' What this means is that after some initial load, the material will maintain a constant spring rate for an additional short distance. Rubber does not have this property - it increases stiffness in proportion to the distance compressed. So, once the proper initial stiffness of MCU is selected, the bushing is loaded in place and the car will enjoy a small but very noticeable 'cushioning' effect. Please note this does not take away from any performance aspects while only enhancing driver confidence and vehicle smoothness.

The benefit of MCU is both in durability (tested to be up to 5x longer than rubber) and suppleness. Higher-frequency road 'chop' is absorbed by the bushing instead of the occupant or the tires, maintaining better traction and better road feel. Spec Miata racers have picked up in the range of 1-2 seconds when switching from a standard-type NB mount to the FCM mount with MCU bushings and bump stops.

FCM shock mount testimonial by SCCA professional racer Rick Weldon

These kits have been engineered and track-tested to provide maximum comfort, handling, and reliability. There is simply no better value.

NOTE: these mounts will lower your vehicle about 1/2" to 3/4". If no extra lowering is desired, our new custom risers can be used. FCM bump stops add roughly 1.5" of travel with the risers and approximately 1" without the risers.

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