Elite Consult fee and Project form for Individuals

If you want to experience Ride Harmony as only we can deliver, submit your Elite Consult form below. Include any information you can provide about what your vehicle's behavior and what you want improved. After sending in your Consult form, purchase a 30 min ($125) Elite Consultation session with our founder, Shaikh Jalal Ahmad. We'll email you to confirm receiving your form and consult payment, then finalize a time and day to talk. We also can speak with you via Whatsapp or Signal (such as for international customers).

With over 20 years of competition and design experience leading to over 1,200 Elite unique suspension builds for our customers, your investment in our expertise across a wide range of vehicle and driving conditions (from street to backroads to off-road to racing) will save you frustration, time, and money. Let us craft your 'Perfect Ride' and introduce you to the world of 'Ride Harmony!'

If you want to ask us a few basic questions before deciding to send in the Elite Consult form and fee, you can use our contact form first.

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Now that you've submitted your FCM Elite Consult form, you can make your 30 minute Elite Consult payment (above). Note that you do NOT need a Paypal account (debit or credit cards accepted through Paypal). We'll contact you to arrange a day & time for your thorough 30 min Elite Consult and Design session.

Note that if you took our Ride Harmony survey, we will apply your $75 credit to any balance due on FCM Elite damper optimization services.

If you prefer to ask a quick question or two before sending in the Elite Consult form or payment, feel free to call the shop at 650-839-0290, or use our Elite Inquiry / Contact form. Go to our FCM Elite Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ page) for answers to common questions.