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With 20+ years of experience, we're the world leaders in creating innovative, tailored suspension products for individuals as well as corporate or fleet customers. We're conscious capitalists, helping create a better future with both feet firmly on our beautiful yet delicate planet. We walk the talk by committing to sustainable design while crafting suspension solutions that are robust and rebuildable. You can expect enhanced ride quality and improved safety margins along with superior handling. All this including durability to last a lifetime.

What makes us different?

Our proprietary FCM Elite Design Q&A process allows us to integrate your needs with our expertise and provide an individually-tailored solution. Every Elite build is unique, just like you! Whether you need a complete suspension upgrade or are seeking advice to improve what you have, we have the tools and experience to help. It all begins with setting up an Elite Consult.

What kind of Elite customer are you?



Our Elite Consulting and Design process

- Individual -

Step 1 - Send in your Project form

Tell us about your goals and indicate the best times / methods to connect. Shaikh, our head 'Fat Cat', will be in touch to help design your Elite Project.

Step 2 - Purchase your Consult session

Select 30 min ($125) or 60 min ($250). For most vehicles 30 min is enough. Complex builds will require additional consulting sessions.

Step 3 - Set up your Project payment

All projects require at least 50% deposit to reserve your place in our build queue. We will discuss technology options and pricing during your Consult session.

Congrats - you're now in the FCM Elite!

Let's get revved up! You can measure your ride quality with our new Smooth Ride app, a feature exclusively available to our FCM Elite members.

Interested in diving deeper?

Video - Watch and comment on our popular 'How Shocks Work' series, available on our Suspension Truth YouTube channel

You never know how a simple question can provoke profound realization. Often, we'll take your Consult questions and turn the answer into a video that will educate our curious audience.

Forum - Interact with us and Elite customers like you on our Suspension Truth forum. Open minds always welcome!

We post information about our Elite development vehicles and encourage you, our Elite customers, to share your experiences by creating an Elite project page for your vehicle!

Blog - Take a journey to find 'The Perfect Ride', with random asides, race reports, technical musings, and special event coverage.

Finding the 'perfect ride' is a journey, not a destination. We've discovered so much interconnectedness in vehicles, human and mechanical, and love musing about them.

Got a question before scheduling an Elite Consult?

Please read about the uniqueness of being Elite, or explore our Elite Design Q&A. Then submit an Elite Inquiry form or ring the shop. We typically respond within 24 hours. To request a shop visit or demo ride, please contact us first.